Episode 33: Laying the Groundwork – Starting Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps

Episode 33: Laying the Groundwork

Starting Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps

Interview with Agnes Vianzon

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Photo in banner image courtesy of Agnes Vianzon

Agnes Vianzon has been working hard. After years of experience with the California Conservation Corps (CCC), Agnes decided to take start her own Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps (ESCC), described as a youth and young adult “development and leadership program committed to building a stronger and more inclusive community… through transformational backcountry experiences.” Agnes understands the power of the backcountry because she first immersed in it herself as a 20-something in the CCC.

Agnes in her element

Agnes is laying the groundwork for more than just a nonprofit, she’s training and mentoring a new generation to be leaders and environmental stewards. We learn from Agnes about how her life turned out differently than her parents expected, what it’s like to start a nonprofit, a bit about the work of Conservation Corps, and why she’s so passionate about “Women in the Wilderness,” an all-women’s backpacking trip for women of color hosted by ESCC.

Find out more on the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps website ->

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CC by A

ESCC Women in the Wilderness Inaugural Trip

ESCC Represented in the SEKI CC

ESCC has an all-women’s corps working in Kings Canyon

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