A Love Letter to Rock Climbing and Yoga

A Love Letter to Rock Climbing and Yoga

By Grace Olscamp

Dear Rock Climbing and Yoga,

I wanted you both so badly but you were too opposite to ever get along. So I kept you apart hoping one would never find out about the other. I’m not proud of it, but I did it.

Rock climbing: you were jumping in a lake on a moonless night, a manic episode, a pop quiz in chemistry class, a mouthful of ghost peppers. You gave me adrenaline rushes, made me always strive for more, and pushed me to the limits of my fears and beyond. 

Yoga: you were the sun shining during a rainstorm, the pause button on the timer, my mom’s peanut butter and honey sandwich, a Sigur Ros song. You calmed down my hectic life and mind, helped me stay present, and led me on an intimate journey to my innerself.

You each offered something that the other couldn’t provide. I was proud to have both of you in my life and I boldly spoke about either of you when the other was out of sight. I thought we were all happy.

I don’t know what tipped you off about each other. Maybe I did yoga at the crag one day, maybe I finally had the logical revelation that you two can help better each other, or maybe there was a leak in the system. However it happened, you eventually discovered each other.

To my astonishment you instantly melded with the other. Before I knew it, I was using my ujjayi breath while working a crux and fearlessly flying into poses in yoga that I had previously been too scared to try. I moved more serenely while climbing and felt rushes of excitement during my yoga practice. I grew stronger, both physically and mentally, the more I realized how well you two get along, which was reflected both on the rock and on my mat.

I was introduced to you both for very separate reasons and you each still give me those feelings of excitement and peace. But, like any healthy relationship, I’ve grown to love you both more as you’ve matured into more complete beings and I thank you for helping me do the same.

Before you came together, I didn’t know what we were all missing. But with all of us together now, we flourish like never before. I can’t wait to see where our path leads us next. 

Love always,



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  1. I love this! I just started doing yoga after about 8 months off and it has already helped my climbing. I have noticed that when I stop doing yoga I tend to get injured more often. For me, yoga + outdoor exercise is good for the brain and good for the body!

  2. Olive Ryan says:

    What a unique and fun post! My three main activities are climbing, yoga, and running and I find that they all complement each other so well! I used to use yoga more as my workout, but now I focus more on hatha classes to balance out the strength training I get from climbing and the cardio I get from running. It’s sometimes tricky to keep up on all three of them on a regular basis, but I love how well they all work together 🙂

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