Episode 84: Lightening Trauma’s Invisible Weight on the Trail – Sydney Williams

Episode 84: Lightening Trauma’s Invisible Weight on the Trail

Interview with Sydney Williams

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Sydney Williams is more than a weight loss story, or an outdoors person with Type II diabetes, or a trauma survivor. But hiking the Trans-Catalina trail the second time helped her put it all together.

Sydney shares how she has freed up space in her mind by “hiking her feelings.” In doing so, she’s been better able to break through the negative voices in her head and begun to move forward from a sexual assault 12 years prior. In October, she’s going on tour to share her stories with others.

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Featuring: Sydney Williams, going on tour to talk “Hiking My Feelings

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Sydney hiked the Trans-Catalina Trail in Southern California two times: the first time it was the hardest thing physically, the second it was the hardest emotionally
– Why a diagnosis of Type II diabetes was the best thing that ever happened to Sydney
– The four things Sydney learned to manage when monitoring her blood sugar
– Why stress can be so hard to regulate
– How Sydney started hiking her feelings rather than eating and drinking her feelings
– What was revealed to her about her past trauma on the trail
– How hiking has helped her own her story
– Why Sydney is going on a speaking tour in southern California to share her experience and where you can hear her talk
– The lost potential of women due to sexual violence
– How the outdoors helped Sydney coax healing from the trauma she carried

Sydney on the Trans Catalina Trail

Sydney on the Trans Catalina Trail


Sydney with a “Hiking My Feelings” hat on!

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

– Sydney Williams: Hiking My Feelings Website & Instagram
– Sydney Williams: Personal Instagram
RAIIN.org: 1-800-656-HOPEShe Explores Facebook Group

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