Episode 101: Hike, Journal, Meditate w/ Outdoor Journal Tour

Episode 101 – Hike, Journal, Meditate

Interview with Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters

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A little mindfulness goes a long way. Meet Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, co-founders of Outdoor Journal Tour and WE Hike to Heal.

We have a lot on our minds and we often put our own needs on the backburner. Kenya and Michelle believe that self-care can look like a walk in the woods and that the effect is multiplied by journaling and meditating. They’re on a mission to help women all over the world reclaim their bodies, minds, and communities through their special guided hikes and mindfulness lessons.

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Featured in this episode: Kenya Jackson-Saulters and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, co-founders of Outdoor Journal Tour

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Jason Shaw, Lee Rosevere, and Kai Engel using CC by A license

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How meditation can amplify the positive effects of your experiences in nature
  • What ‘grounding’ is and why it’s important
  • About the origin of Outdoor Journal Tour (ODJT)
  • The positive benefits of hiking, journaling, and meditating
  • About Michelle’s first solo hike in Georgia
  • How ODJT cultivates a welcoming and non-intimidating environment on their group hikes
  • Why ODJT gears their work towards women
  • About the Journal of Mindful Movement
  • Why Kenya included a ‘body apology’ in the journal
  • How when we think about health, we should include mental as well as physical health
  • About WE Hike to Heal and the March initiative culminating in group hikes around North America on March 30th
  • Why embracing healing doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us

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Kenya, Michelle, and Outdoor Journal Tour

Kenya Jackson-Saulters, L, and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, R: Co-founders of ODJT

WE Hike to Heal Group Photo! By Kristina Cooper

The “meditate” part of hike, journal, meditate. Photo by Kristina Cooper.

Kenya leading a discussion. Photo by Kristina Cooper.

Michelle and Kenya, co-founders Outdoor Journal Tour

Michelle and Kenya, looking cute.

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