Episode 212: Finding Freedom in Swimming – Bonnie Tsui

Interview with Bonnie Tsui

Bonnie Tsui’s book, Why We Swim, dropped at a time when we were all looking for guidance on how to move our body in ways that took us out of our heads and into our element. But it’s message is continuous. Why We Swim is a must-read whether you think of yourself as a swimmer or not. It takes you to the source of our innately human relationship with water, and weaves together history, science, and her own personal story to propel us on the journey.

We wanted to start this Women and Water series with my conversation with Bonnie because she is truly an expert on why we gravitate to the ocean, lakes, and other waterways that provide us with so much. Bonnie shares more about Why We Swim, her own start to swimming, how swimming helps us feel free, and so much more. 

This is the first in a series of interviews with some incredible humans who are featured in Women and Water – a new book from the team behind She Explores. We’re taking the conversation off the page and into their relationship with water today. You’ll hear from swimmers, surfers, paddlers, fishers, and more. 

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Featured in this episode: Bonnie Tsui

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Bonnie Tsui 

Bonnie Tsui by Marine Jaud & Callum Morse

Bonnie’s books, Why We Swim and Sarah and the Big Wave


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