Episode 44 – Doing the Work: Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly

Episode 44: Doing the Work

Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly

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We talk with Kylie Fly about how she’s creating her own career in the outdoor industry as an adventure photographer, when it’s right to say no to opportunities, and why for her, people always come first.

Kylie’s tips for making your own career: 
1) Put yourself out there. Whether it’s the side of a mountain, on social media, or in Peru, Kylie practices her craft by doing and showing.
2) Keep learning. Kylie emphasizes that she’s not an expert, that there’s alway more to be curious about.
3) Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t feel like it’s happening for you, or like you’re not getting the jobs you want. Continue to do #1 – do the work that inspires.
4) Weigh the pros and cons of unpaid work. Consider how it will serve you and your goals. Consider the potential of a project beyond the current scope.
5) Take a deep breath and know it’s ok to say no sometimes. No to a work opportunity, no to a social event, no to that knot of anxiety inside your stomach.

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Kylie Fly

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 Kylie in Action


Kylie in Patagonia

Climbing & Cheesing

Photos by and courtesy of Kylie Fly

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