Wilder Ranch State Park

Wilder Ranch State Park

Santa Cruz, California

Words and Photography by Linnaea Meyer

That kind of mysterious Wilder day. Exposed sun and misty fog.


It’s a twiggy bone yard amidst a blanket of botanical wonders – forage worthy mushrooms, petite wildflowers, one million shades of golden grass.


It’s an African plain that takes you to a truly messy, downed but not fallen woods. It’s a place I have often been lost. Free of highways and universities, vacant, still.



Wilder gave me miles of growing up and rolling along in unforgivable sun, and yet met with me too, in the wise shade of the engulfing oak, richness of the madrone and truth of the redwood.

Bear in mind – take a compass, or else take it up there.


Photos (C) 2016 Linnaea Meyer

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What places remind you of home?

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