Emily Kelley | Land & She

Emily Kelley | Land & She


After a journey around Oregon and other travels, Illustrator Emily Kelley found a stronger connection to her artistic side. Her illustration line Land & She is inspired by her wandering spirit and rooted in adventure.

We’re drawn to the way Emily’s illustrations mesh with the curvature of landscape and natural textures. We love the depth that she achieves through overlaying drawn elements and photography, and her unique line art style. The patterns Emily creates are simultaneously ordered and chaotic – just like our natural world.

Find out more, in Emily’s words.

Emily in her element.

Emily in her element.

From Emily:

I graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in graphic design, and shortly after began working in agency and studio environments in Philadelphia. After a few very busy years, I started to feel disconnected from the work I was doing at my day job, and began creating more and more illustration work on the side.


Up until saying yes to going on a trip to Oregon in May 2015, I had never been much of a traveler, and hadn’t ever visited the west coast. When I decided to travel across Oregon, my whole perspective changed on what kind of experiences I wanted to have in life. We climbed mountains, crawled through caves, soaked in natural hot springs, and drove up the gorgeous coast. After I returned home from that adventure, I started to make more illustration work that I was passionate about. I became more inspired by travel, nature, and work that made a positive impact on the environment.


I found the name Land & She scribbled in one of my old sketchbooks, and immediately ran with it! About two years later, I had a body of illustration work and opened my shop. I recently made the leap to pursue Land & She full-time, and I am now much more connected to the work I am creating today.

Land & She is illustration and design work inspired by a wandering spirit and rooted in adventure. The “She” represents not only myself, but the many adventurous women (hikers, surfers, artists, writers) who inspire me every day. One of the main goals I have for Land & She is to create work that has a positive impact on people and the environment.


In my shop I sell items such as block printed journals, painted rocks and ceramics, and art prints – all created with the hope of inspiring people in their daily lives. I have also been on more trips since Oregon, including living in a roundhouse/yurt in the Tennessee/North Carolina mountains, and exploring beautiful Colorado with my two sisters.

Photos courtesy of Emily Kelley

To see more of Emily’s work see her Portfolio and Shop
You can also find her on Instagram.

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