Scottish Highlands

Somewhere In The Highlands


Words and Photography by Virginie Chabrol

I am from France. But as long as I can remember, Scotland has always fascinated me.

An idea of the wilderness maybe, something to do with the dramatic landscapes of the Highlands. When I first travelled there in 2011, I knew that I would have to come back, again and again. Something inexplicable, more than a simple desire: a need. And so I did, until I settled here at the beginning of this year.



My exploration of this country has become more intensive as well as more detailed and thorough. One could think that living a “real life” here would be the end of the honeymoon. It’s not. It’s the contrary: I am now part of it.

I can take the time I need to see and feel. Truly and deeply.


It was three days of wandering between lochs and mountains, at the precise moment when nature is awaking. That’s what Scotland is made with. Somewhere and everywhere.




Photos (C) 2016 Virginie Chabrol

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What places draw you back again and again?

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