Methoni, Greece

Methoni, Greece

Photos and Text by Sam Watson-Wood

When our son was 10 months we found ourselves in the mountains of Greece for a wonderful Coptic wedding. After the wedding celebrations, instead of taking the well-traveled Greek island route we decided to road trip through the Peloponnese. Methoni was our destination and its beauty and simplicity warmed us.

The seaside town is set on a peninsula where the over grown castle and fort look out to the Ionian Sea. We spent days there eating freshly caught seafood, watching the sun rise and set through the venetian ruins.

We were told this little town had only ever had 3 other Australians visit, whether this was true or not the locals made us feel as though we were the only ones. Their open kindness and service was beaten only by the delicious fish souvlaki.

Pure magic.

Photos (C) 2015 Sam Watson-Wood

Sam Watson-Wood lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She is photographer, art fair program curator, wife, mother of 2 and general traveller. She and her husband have spent life together, adventuring to many worlds overseas. They now have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and believe that having children brings magic and should not deter from wanderlust. The photo essays on her site not only document some of the places they have been, but aim to show their love and passion for the world and how they want to share it with their children.

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