Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Photos and Text by Heather Sorrenty

As a kid growing up in New Hampshire, the only thing I looked forward to in the summer was going North with my family. The majority of my time was spent running around outside in the meadow or exploring the forest with my brothers and cousins at our family camp in Stratford Hollow.  On occasion I would get to visit the famed Kancamagus Highway (Kanc). It was such a treat to visit attractions like Clarks Trading Post (dancing bears anyone?) or camp along the Swift River and even take a dip at one of the most popular swimming holes , Lower Falls.

I was not a hiker before but in the last few years I’ve grown to love it and have been wandering the trails along the Kanc. My favorite so far is the Boulder Loop. This is a short, moderate, 3ish mile hike from the Covered Bridge Campground in Albany. Prior to jumping on the trail I spend some time walking by the river and checking out the covered bridge. A full day can easily be spent in this sweet spot. There is SO much to see along the path, huge boulders, rock formations, crazy trees and not to mention the amazing view at the top!

It’s winter now, but I find that traveling along the scenic byway is just as fun. The views are just as beautiful, the only difference is a little bit of fresh snow on the mountains.

Now that I’m older I can visit whenever I want, and try to as often as possible when I’m home. I travel a LOT for work, and a little for fun, but nothing compares to coming home and hiking The Kanc & White Mountains.

Photos (C) 2015 Heather Sorrenty

Heather Sorrenty lives in Tilton, New Hampshire.  You can find more of her photos on her instagram, fittingly called @livefreeortour.

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