ENO Sub7 Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters

Sub7 Hammock

Review & Photos by Kat Carney

Upon receiving the Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub7 Hammock my first reaction was “where is the rest of it?” At 6.5 ounces, it packs down into a small and very light pouch that makes you wonder what kind of weight it will actually hold.

My friend and I set it up using the Helios Suspension system, bringing the total weight of the hammock and straps to 10.6 oz. and the set up time was just over a minute from unpacking to full-on relaxing. A super simple set up paired with its incredibly light weight make it a worthwhile substitute to a tent for backcountry camping.

I found the ENO Sub7 incredibly comfortable and never questioned whether it would hold my 135 lbs., nor did my smaller friend. However, when my 6’2″ 200 lb. boyfriend walked over to test it out he was a little nervous to put his full weight into it, saying over and over how thin the material was, and asking us to double check the maximum load. Each strap holds 150 lbs, so he was 100 lbs. under the limit. When he trusted it enough to rest all of his weight in it he got comfortable quickly, dozing off slowly rocked by an ocean breeze. Once he realized it wasn’t going break under his weight he tried out a variety of positions and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was for the both it’s size and weight.


Because the material is so thin, any breeze cuts right through it, but a jacket or warm sleeping bag solve that problem. The suspension system comes with straps that are a Dyneema line with a polyester blend sling and light weight aluminum carabiners. I loved that it came with everything I needed to set it up in a minute, and that adjusting the straps to shorter lengths was a cinch.

At $70 for the hammock and another $35 for the suspension system the Sub7 is both an economical, lightweight, and comfortable option for everything from relaxing in your backyard to spending several nights in the backcountry.

Photos (C) 2015 Kat Carney


Any tips for camping with a hammock?

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