Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake


Photos & Text by Karissa Barta

Emerald Lake was the first hike I did after moving to Colorado.  I have wandered down so many trails since then, each meaning something different to me.  However, every time I find myself here, I can’t help but smile. It brings back memories of how excited I was the first time I stepped foot on this trail.  It meant I had actually done it.  I had packed up my things, drove 8 hours away from anyone I knew, and ended up in this very spot. I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Emerald Lake Colorado


All photography (C) 2014 Karissa Barta

Karissa Barta is 22 years old, living and working in Boulder, Colorado.  In her words, she moved to this great state a little over a year ago from Lincoln, Nebraska.  When people ask her why she made the move out there, her reply is simple – the mountains were calling.


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