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Traveler’s Skin Care Kit

Review & Photos by Gale Straub, She Explores

I have finicky skin. It doesn’t like the sun, humidity, stress, change, winter’s cold – you name it. So when I was given the opportunity to try natural skin care products from Ursa Major Vermont, I jumped at the chance to see how my skin would fair. The Traveler’s Skin Care Kit is a great little intro package to the brand and its products – all the better if you’re on the go. My recent travels in a retro-fitted Mercedes Sprinter van have been the perfect field test.

The kit is stocked with their signature face wash, shave cream, face balm, and (my personal favorite) bamboo face wipes. All have a fresh, organic scent – reminiscent of a tromp through the woods in New England – pretty much the opposite of my body after a few days in the van. While I typically prefer scentless lotions made for sensitive skin, on the road I enjoyed pairing the face balm with my daily-wear sunscreen for added moisture and a more delicate fragrance. The face wash was invigorating, though all face soaps tend to dry out my skin, so I’ve used it sparingly.

For me, the face wipes were the kit’s standout product and the most convenient for long-term travel. Just two nights ago I took an impromptu run through the desert in Southern Arizona. It was 5:30 PM and the sun had lowered just so. The landscape’s light kept tilting so that the straight road wasn’t monotonous. There were mountains in the distance and sweat on my brow. When I returned to our very rustic campsite, there was no shower or running water to use – instead I relaxed on a yoga mat, thanked the SouthWest for its dry air, and pulled out the Ursa Major face wipes. Post run, post stretch, and post wipe down, I was ready to pull together dinner and watch the sun set. Sure it wasn’t a shower, but it was a start.

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