Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis


Naomi Davis is an experimental film photographer living in the beautiful desert of Arizona. She focuses on Southwest landscapes, shaping images with the more “malleable” aspects of photography – double exposures, varied film types (including large format), and other alternative techniques.

Naomi’s style is loose and painting-like, imparting an abstract, dreamy quality to the grain. As a result, the print provokes in the viewer a nostalgia for landscapes yet to be visited.

Her art and life bleed together:

Being based out of the bottom of the Grand Canyon (literally, I live and work at the bottom of one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders) allows me to be in the middle of the wilderness at all times. I try to keep a camera or sketchbook on me at all times wherever I am; backpacking, driving across vast deserts, or relaxing in my backyard.

— Naomi Davis


Head into the landscape:

All photographs (C) Naomi Davis, 2014

Naomi Davis received her BA in photography from University of Arizona.  More of her work can be found on her website and blog


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