Shona Cammack Paints the Scottish Highlands

Shona Cammack


Shona in her element, painting on Braeriach

Since most of the artists we profile on She Explores are based in the U.S., it’s always a special treat to be transported elsewhere through the work of an international artist.

Shona Cammack’s gestural brush strokes and pink-strewn palette take us to the glens, lochs, and hilltops of the Scottish Highlands.

From watercolor sketches created in the field to large-scale oil paintings rendered back home, her work celebrates the variety of this landscape and its wildflowers, water, and bothies.

Learn more in her own words.

Meet Shona:

I am a chemistry teacher, painter and lover of wild places. My paintings are inspired by my own adventures: hill walking, camping and cycling in the Scottish Highlands.

“Gott Bay – Tiree”

Despite having always been artistic, it wasn’t until I completed a chemistry degree and started teaching that I rediscovered my love of painting. Around the same time I started hillwalking, cycle touring and wild camping and painting in the mountains.

I love just being in the mountains—I’m not there to tick off as many summits as possible but just to be in the landscape, to paint it, photograph it and bring it home with me to create large oil paintings from these sketches and memories.

“Assynt Mountains”

Whenever I’m in the outdoors I always bring my “adventure sketchbook” and my paints, pens and brushes. I paint in watercolour when I’m outside because it dries quickly and is easy to carry. I make very quick sketches and I use these sketches and inspiration to create larger oil paintings back at home.

I paint the mountains, bothies and wide open beaches of Scotland that I love so much. I’m driven by colour and strive to create beautiful, harmonious paintings which showcase the joy of outdoor adventure and the beauty of Scotland.

“Glencoe – Bidean nam Biam”

Learn more about Shona Cammack at and see more on Instagram, @AdventureSketchbook  

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