Sheila Dunn | Resistance & Conservation Series

Sheila Dunn | Resistance & Conservation Series


Banner Photo by Mars Ramp

Sheila in her element – Photo by Cait Ford

We heard from Sheila not long ago about her journey exploring the interior landscape of herself through painting.

Focusing on artwork and activism more than her inner experience, this series takes on exploration through a different lens: that of American conservation and resistance by way of landscapes and people.

All of Sheila’s work explores the fluid relationship between figure and environment: how each continuously informs and affects the other. These paintings specifically explore our ties to the past, and the significant natural places and historical political figures who paved the way for the present.

Her large vibrant paintings give the subjects a different life. We’re drawn to Sheila’s use of color and deliberate brush strokes, and the way the separate and unexpected colors come together in an expressive patchwork. Perspective is a balance of noticing details and the bigger picture, and we love the way Sheila’s pieces give us new perspective on the shadow of a face and the colors of resistance.

Find out more, in Sheila’s words:

Most of my artwork tends to be introspective in nature, exploring inner landscapes of the human experience. But lately, I have felt the need to expand beyond my own personal story and use my artwork as a platform for activism. I believe we all have a sacred duty as individuals walking this spectacular earth to make concerted efforts to protect it – and the rights of our fellow human beings walking alongside us.

“Women’s March”

My Resistance & Conservation Series features people & places that make this country great: individuals who have shaped our cultural landscape through their steadfast resistance of oppression in its many forms and public lands & wilderness that form the spectacular fabric of our nation.

The Grand Canyon

My Resistance series includes Chief Joseph & Sitting Bull, who resisted the removal of their people from sacred lands; Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest-serving, notoriously outspoken First Lady of the United States who dedicated her life to political, racial and social justice; Amanda Stuermer, founder of World Muse based in Bend, Oregon and Carmen Perez & Linda Sarsour, co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington.

The first two pieces in my new Conservation Series are the Grand Canyon, where I spent 21 days rafting this spring, and the Cascade wilderness, where I spend every spare second I have.

Photo by Mars Ramp

Ten percent of all portrait sales from the Resistance Series go directly to American Civil Liberties Union & ten percent of all landscape sales from the Conservation Series to various conservation organizations.


Portraits available for purchase on and etsy.

Photos courtesy of Sheila Dunn, Cait Ford, and Mars Ramp.

Sheila Dunn is an Artist based in Bend, Oregon. Her work explores the fluid relationship between figure and environment: how each continuously informs and affects the other. At the heart of this exploration lies the notion that we both form – and are formed by – all we have seen and experienced. Find her on Instagram and see more of her work at and in her etsy shop.


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