Sarah Uhl

Sarah Uhl

Illustrator – Commercial & Fine Art

Sarah in her element.

Sarah in her element.

After careers as a professional bike racer, sensory expert in the beer industry, and a stint in marketing/branding, Sarah Uhl is finding her niche as an illustrator.

Her artwork focuses on outdoor landscapes, and as a commercial artist in that industry she’s worked with brands like Outdoor Research, Alpinist Magazine, and Vail Mountain Coffee among others. But it isn’t just about the work – she makes art for herself too, for the process of creating in the wild.

We’re drawn to the way Sarah’s illustrations exist between the physical world and imagination, infusing real landscapes with vibrant colors and metallics. Her fantastic creations combine natural forms with an adventurous spirit – a colorful taste of what it’s like to experience those places.

Find out more, in Sarah’s words.

From Sarah:

Making art is a form of play for me. It is a way of distilling the magic I experience in wild places into a form that I can hold and show other people. It’s a place to be imaginative and a place to insert the feelings I get from a place into the place itself.



I create illustrations for a number of outdoor industry brands, private clients and non-profit organizations looking to tell their story through a whimsical interpretation.


I also always carry a watercolor notebook, paints and a bunch of metallic markers with me when I go into the wilds so I can create art for myself as well.



Photos courtesy of Sarah Uhl

To see more of Sarah’s work see her Portfolio and Shop
You can also find her on Instagram.

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