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Kate Jensen

Restoration and Reclaimed Design

Kate Jensen Portrait

Kate with a Mountain Scape

Kate Jensen works with her dad to make art pieces made out of reclaimed wood.

When you’re on a hike, do you ever stop to look at the patterns on a tree? The rough tread of the bark, the smooth lines underneath. Character builds when you step up close.

If you grew up around, or own a barn, you may understand the feeling Kate and her dad are keen to evoke through their work. Driving through a rural landscape, there are countless skeleton barns that tell the story of working hard for a well-worn livelihood. We appreciate that Kate is using them to create a feeling of home.


Find out more, in Kate’s words.

Raw restorations was sparked by my desire to create unique industrial furniture and art pieces with the barns my dad and I tear down. For as long as I can remember, my dad could build anything.

After years working in the mortgage industry helping fund dreams for others, I decided it was time to follow my own dream. Today…we have a woodworking shop, and I don’t just watch my dad build anymore.

Kate Jensen RAW Restorations Mountain Piece

Kate with a Mountain Scape

We love the pop of color here

We find forgotten barns and then disassemble them. We hunt for industrial steel and discarded industrial scrap and then bring them to back to life. If I can design it, he can build it. It’s the perfect partnership.

Together, my dad and I design and build one of a kind industrial barn wood furniture, dog bowls and reclaimed wood art pieces. We also provide vintage barn wood flooring and paneling for home and airstream renovations.

My inspiration for then mountain, red rock, and ocean pieces (more currently in the works) comes from a deep love and connection that I have with nature.
 It’s amazing to see the outpour of love and meaning that Mother Earth has on people, and the unique ways individuals want that represented in their homes. It has also been an added blessing to be able to use reclaimed wood with all of its character and glory, reinvested and given new life within a piece of art.

Learn more about Kate Jensen and RAW Restorations through their website and Instagram.

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