Postcard Project Series

Postcard Project Series

Watercolors by Megan Healy

Text by Gale Straub, She-Explores

Megan Healy has spent 2015 on an epic bicycling journey from Florida to the West. An artist and a storyteller, Megan first thought she would keep a journal of her travels. When she learned of Post Card Project, she changed her mind. What better way to document America than by illustrating post cards and sending her images and words around the country?

Above and below, you will find a selection of Megan’s postcards from Florida to the Pacific coast of California. Can you tell where the watercolors were painted? Can you guess what Megan wrote on the flip side? A postcard is just a slice of the¬†journey.

Follow Megan to learn more.

Watercolors above (C) 2015 Megan Healy

Megan Healy will wrap up her cross country tour in August 2015. To learn more about her background and what’s next, head over to website and instagram.

What do you see?

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