Samantha J.

Samantha J.

OZMA (autonomy)


Samantha J. is a woman of the road who has found her voice through creating jewelry.  Part free-spirit, part glamour, OZMA (autonomy) is feminine and fun.  Appreciate the jewelry for both the tale it tells and its inherent beauty.  Learn more on Samantha’s website and through her words below.

Photo (C) 2015 OZMA (Autonomy)

Photo (C) 2015 OZMA (Autonomy)

Samantha’s Story:

“I was born an only child, raised, and lived until 18 in a then 3,000 population town in the Penna Dutch Region of PA. By 16 you could most often find me speeding away from the dirt driveway of my parents home & sleeping in my car by industrial ruins near the New Jersey border. During this time I carried a camera with me everywhere I went, documenting the strange youth I was a part of.

At 18 I stumbled into one of the two colleges I applied to in upstate New York. Thee years later & two weeks after turning 21 I moved to NYC. I have lived there until now- at age 24 I am freshly transplanted into Northern California. During that time I have taken all of my creative discoveries & tied them into my brand, OZMA (autonomy).

My line mostly consists of seasonal jewelry collections that carry a specific theme. I style the shoots with vintage clothing that I also sell and I photograph & edit the images myself.  It is a label that is meant to inspire all of us to live up to our dreams & succeed in them. Over the last year my partner & I have traveled with my brand selling items in cities across the US as well as abroad in Europe – this is just the beginning! I believe that each item has a story to tell & we are all part of this great story.”

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Photos (C) 2015 OZMA (autonomy)

Samantha J. is a recent transplant to Northern California.  She spent this past summer living on the road, and hopes to do so more and more.



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