Nikki Frumkin

Nikki Frumkin


Nikki Frumkin is an artist who explores the world around her with her sketchbook in hand. Drawn to open spaces, you will find her work full of lively landscapes, mountain peaks, and movement. She captures the spirit of the mountains with each brush stroke.

Below gives us a look into her creative process—

In Nikki’s Words:

Artist Nikki Frumkin climbing

Nikki in her element

“I believe that sharing stories makes the world a better, more interconnected place. My work is driven by a desire to share the visual stories I collect as I hike, climb and mountaineer in the awe-inspiring Pacific Northwest. As someone new to this region, I am still in constant awe as I discover more of our wild state. As I go, I bring my sketchbook and watercolors with me. Sometimes this is serene; sometimes it is bitterly cold.



“My work thrives on that conflict between wild awe and suffering. Hiking, and mountaineering especially, can be very lonely. Mountaineering requires a person to spend long periods of time separated from their team by a rope, often in the dark. Doing that work is both incredibly difficult and rewarding.  Representing these ideas on paper gives them meaning. Time pulls me to keep going back.

“I hope the work will help other people discover what they already know about who they are and how they belong to the wild.”


Photos (C) 2016 Nikki Frumkin

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