Mimi Kvinge

Mimi Kvinge

Painter & Illustrator

Greatly influenced by her time spent in the outdoors—Mimi’s work reflects a connection between artist and nature. In her illustrations you will find bright colors, creative depictions, and photo-like work. Mimi uses paint, pen and paper to engage with the viewer’s imagination and tell a story.

Below gives us a look into her creative process—

In Mimi’s Words:


“Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it it. As a result, my art features animals and landscape through a dreamlike filter. I love to use unusual bright colors and striking textures, and pair them with photo realistic renderings of creatures and landscapes.

“When I am in the mountains skiing, or hiking, or sleeping under the stars, I feel the best version of myself. This sense of overwhelming respect and humbling beauty that I feel when I am out in nature, is what I strive to inspire in my audience. It is my hope that my illustrations and paintings can spark a sensation within the viewer similar to memories from when they were very small and the world still felt magical. To examine the ordinary and make it extraordinary.”

To examine the ordinary and make it extraordinary.



All work (C) 2015 Mimi Kvinge

To see more of Mimi’s work—

What scenes would you like to capture from your time outside?

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