Melanie McKay

Melanie McKay


Melanie McKay is a self-taught freelance photographer living in and wandering Vancouver Island, British Columbia. A few years back, she moved from her hometown of Calgary to Victoria on Vancouver Island solo. It took her time to find her sense of place and the process resulted in absolutely stunning photographs. Melanie spends as much time as she can hiking and camping the island – and it shows. The atmosphere seeps through the computer screen, hypnotic like the ocean on a gray day.

On her development:

“I’ve always been an overly sentimental person, trying to accurately remember and take home with me all my experiences – [as a result] I also became an obsessive photo taker. I [tried] to fit everything in the photo in the way I felt would help me remember the most accurately.

“When I moved, taking photographs became my excuse to get out of the house, explore and stay active in a town where I really didn’t know anyone.  The landscape photography honestly stemmed from my lack of friends in my new city.   But through these photos I started to really explore where I was. I was sharing them with others and getting unexpectedly positive responses, while also making new friends within the photographic community.

“Since moving, I’ve had the chance to really focus in on my photography. It’s always been a hobby but now it’s become a passion, and even a business! Before moving, I wouldn’t have guessed I would end up where I am now, but it’s exactly where I want to be! I really think everyone should move somewhere in their lifetime, where they don’t know anyone, to see what’s hiding within them.

Photos (C) 2014 Melanie McKay

Photo of Melanie in header by Simon Abud.

Melanie McKay is a freelance photographer living in Victoria on Vancouver Island, B.C.  Be sure to check out more of her photography on her website, instagram, and print store.



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