Madeleine Boga

Madeleine Boga

Painter & Mixed Media Artist

Madeleine’s work combines the natural with the inorganic. Its movement is reminiscent of a slow walk in the woods. All leaves and bark and faded seasons. Its layering calls to mind what we may be covering up.

Our relationship with the outdoors is heightened by our conversations with pavement. If we never looked up at sky scrapers or down at the sidewalk, we wouldn’t see the see the green patches of grass as a respite, but as the ground. Madeleine hints at this interplay and keeps us questioning.

Photo of Madeleine by Kyle Bradford

Photo of Madeleine by Kyle Bradford

"A Planet Nation"

“A Planet Nation”



In Madeleine’s Words:

“My work is deeply influenced by my natural surroundings and a reverence for nature that stems from my childhood in Northern California. While studying Environmental Studies in New York City, I became captivated by plants that sprout up amidst and despite human development. Their dynamic and resilient figures subtly disrupt the stark edges of the manmade world. I strive to translate these designs in my work, mixing right angles with untidy edges.”

"Reverence 1"

“Reverence 1”

"Rise over Run"

“Rise over Run”

"Reverence 2"

“Reverence 2”

“Primarily self-taught, I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums, particularly found objects. My work is about accepting the exquisiteness of imperfections. If something in a piece doesn’t feel right, I layer over it. A woven image emerges, inspired by nature’s adaptability, shapes, and movements.”

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All work (C) 2015 Madeleine Boga

Madeleine is currently traveling the United States for her project, “The Free Dwellers.” See more of her work on her portfolio site and Instagram.


What do you see when you look up?

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