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Lisa Kowieski

Mixed Media Artist & Designer

Lisa in her element

Lisa in her element

Lisa Kowieski is an artist, traveler, and founder of Made by Lisa Marie. Although she works with different mediums across disciplines, all of her work evokes an air of adventure.

We love how Lisa’s work captures nature and her own spirit. Whether she’s designing pages for coloring books within the contours of animal form, sketching a landscape, or rendering digital hiking boots, Lisa’s art inspires us to see nature through her eyes with her contagious positivity.

Find out more, in Lisa’s words.

From Lisa:

My work is influenced by nature and storytelling with themes of adventure and passion. More than anything, I strive to create work that inspires others to explore their passions and live their best lives.



As a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer, I’m trained in both traditional and digital forms of media and often combine the two when I create.

I’m extremely curious so I’m most inspired when I’m in a unique situation that I’ve never been in before. I find that when I’m faced with the unknown it sparks my creativity and pushes me past my comfort zone, which is a beautiful spot to be as an artist.

I love the process of creative problem solving and working across a plethora of digital and traditional mediums of art.

See more of Lisa’s work below ->



Photos courtesy of Lisa Kowieski and The Outbound Life

To see more of Lisa’s designs see her Website. You can also find her on Instagram.

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