Kylie Turley

Kylie Turley


Kylie Turley is a photographer and videographer with a focus on storytelling and the outdoors. Her work is colorful and accessible – calling up memories of your last weekend excursion, making you want to get behind the wheel and bust outside once again.

Kylie’s perspective:

“Growing up in a family of eight, I learned how to appreciate nature and the outdoors by spending family time camping and exploring outside. Vacations consisted of stuffing the Suburban full of camp gear, dogs, kids and food for long camping trips. Nature is in my blood, and always will be. I love to travel and sleep under the stars and continually escape Los Angeles for where I feel most at home – outdoors. I picked up photography when I lived in China and backpacked Asia some years ago, and have been shooting my adventures ever since. My imagery is raw, authentic and honest – focusing on the intimacy between both people and places.”

All Photos above (C) 2014 Kylie Turley

Kylie Turley is a photographer and videographer based out of Los Angeles, California.  For more of her work, visit her portfolio site and instagram.


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