Kayla Heiner

Kayla Heiner

Leather-Craftsman, Willow Creek Leather Co.

Kayla’s affection for her home states of Montana and Wyoming shows in her leather work.  It is thoughtful and simple, emblazoned with the states’ native animals.  Her journals, bags and wallets are rustic but streamlined, making you want to take them everywhere.  Out west and beyond.

Photo of Kayla Heiner by Sheena Jibson

Photo (C) 2014 Sheena Jibson

Kayla explains her craft:

“My love for leather started at a young age–I grew up in Montana and all my free time was spent with my horses. Every time I saddled up there was just something about the smell of warm leather and my horse after a long day of riding that made me so happy. Naturally, my first project was a set of braided leather reins, and I was hooked after that. 

I married a mountain man and moved from the plains of Montana to the top of a mountain in Wyoming where we are raising our two children. My husband bow hunts and fishes to keep us fed through the long Wyoming winters, and when I’m not outside, I spend my time working with leather. 

I love a classic, timeless look, and my favorite thing about leather is that it continues to look better with age. After making reins, I continued with dog collars, leather cuffs, journals, wallets, and bags. I hand stitch and hand dye all of my projects, and love that no two items are alike.”


All photos (C) 2014 Sheena Jibson

Kayla Heiner lives high in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.  If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, visit her online shop and her instagram


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