Kat Carney

Kat Carney


Kat Carney is an outdoors photographer with a love of adventure. Growing up in the flatlands of Kansas, her parents introduced her to Colorado’s mountainous terrain.  Instilled in her photographs is a sensitivity to landscape and our active involvement within it. The resulting images illustrate the privileges inherent in the outdoors.

Kat started shooting film in high school, delving deeper in college where she studied photography. After college, her first job had her working as a photojournalist for a couple of years, which has influenced the way she captures a subject.

Her progression:

I mostly shot people. I remember discovering the right light or a new technique, looking at the image with my subject, and both of us being excited about what was being created. Ever since I have primarily shot people, but I’ve moved toward their relationship with nature and the outdoors.

My photographic philosophy spurs from photojournalism principles. First and foremost I always aim to tell a story in a visually interesting way. Second, I want the images to be honest, and I want to do the subject justice. I hope that when a subject looks a a photo or a series that I have shot, they feel as though it is a representation of who they are.

— Kat Carney

Picture yourself outdoors:

All photographs (C) Kat Carney 2014

Kat Carney lives in Rhode Island and primarily shoots with a Canon 5d Mark ii, Canon Rebel T2i, and a GoPro.  More of her work can be found on her website, instagram, and Facebook page. She also tells love stories at Swell & Stone.


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