Hannah Rothstein: National Parks in 2050

Hannah Rothstein

Conceptual Artist

Hannah sport climbing

Hannah Rothstein understands the importance of looking twice: her work is often built upon the expected images in our lives. She uses them to teach the viewer a lesson.

Take her latest collection, National Parks 2050. Hannah takes the classic national park posters that elicit the nostalgia of long hikes and beautiful vistas and turns them on their head. She re-imagines them as what the parks will look like in 2050 if the United States continues on its current destructive path and fails to act against climate change.

Hannah’s message is hopeful, though. She does not believe all is lost. In fact, she wants her artwork to inspire action: a portion of sales of National Parks 2050 prints and originals go to support climate-related causes.

In Hannah’s words.

I’m a conceptual artist and painter whose work focuses on presenting everyday objects and ideas in a new framework. I look for things that are so ubiquitous in our culture, they’ve almost become invisible. Then, I put a fresh spin on those things to spark thought, convey a message, or simply help people see a topic with fresh eyes.

My aesthetic is heavily influenced by pop culture, both historical and current. I’m also incredibly inspired by nature. These two influences dovetail in my latest project, National Parks 2050.

Hannah Rothstein is a Berkeley, California based artist. Find more of her work on her portfolio siteInstagram, and Facebook.

  1. Betsy Sherrock says:

    Is it wrong these make me want to laugh and cry at the same time? Ive always been a sucker for satire.

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