Hannah Perrine Mode

Hannah Perrine Mode


Having spent a lot of time traveling, Hannah is constantly processing her experiences through her art. Because she’s committed to creating a drawing a day, Hannah is always aware of her relationship between her sketch pad and the world around her.

We’re drawn to the circular shape Hannah’s brush takes – it speaks to the unity we feel in nature. When we step back into it, it’s like we never left. There’s a calming that accompanies coming full circle.

Find out more, in Hannah’s words.

Hannah in her element.

Hannah in her element.

From Hannah:

I’m an Oakland, California-based artist and designer. I make art to explore the cross-section of physical, emotional, and spiritual place, and to investigate accumulated layers of memory associated with landscape. I use visual storytelling across mediums to study the relationship between people and place, in order to better understand the way we cultivate communities.


After growing up in New England, I’ve since drawn inspiration from my own experiences in both wild landscapes and vibrant cities. Some of my favorite adventures include studying social change through the arts in the Czech Republic, leading tours of secret passages and alchemic symbols in Florence, working with a women’s weaving co-op in the Peruvian Andes, launching a beautiful start-up in NYC, searching for magical staves in Iceland, and, most recently, exploring traditional Polynesian wayfinding in Hawaii.


I switched coasts and moved from Brooklyn to Oakland this past fall of 2015, and have been using my artwork as a lens to process my new surroundings (as always). Since May 2013, I’ve done a drawing-a-day and am also working on a collaborative sketch swap project. I’m very excited to continue my studies by pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at Mills College in Oakland, starting this fall of 2016.


Photos courtesy of Hannah Perrine Mode

To see more of Hannah’s work see her portfolio or follow along on her Drawing-A-Day. You can also find her on Instagram.

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