Hallie Rose Taylor

Hallie Rose Taylor


Hallie’s imagery speaks of the beauty and detail found in nature. Used as a lens in which to explore the world around her, Hallie translates what she learns through life onto paper. A woman of many interests, she is inspired by science, psychology, folklore, and the outdoors.

In Hallie’s Words:

“I have created visual art my entire life, but began using watercolor for the first time in 2013 while traveling the southwest for the summer. It was during this trip that I decided to pursue art as my career.


“It wasn’t easy for me to dedicate myself to one thing, to decide what to do, even for the time being. But I realized that it is through art that I can explore everything else which fascinates me, and share it most freely and easily. Giving myself over to art and illustration took what was manifesting in my life as scattered focus, and provided simply a useful lens through which to investigate my many interests.

“In 2014 I did a small drawing or watercolor painting everyday, which was the best thing I ever did for myself, creatively. It taught me how to show up for my craft like a dear friend. Day after day, even when I was sick, heartbroken, even when I was busy, or when I was living it up. It taught me that the stereotype of the undisciplined, unpredictable artist­ who stays up late into the night and sleeps into the afternoon, who lives a bohemian life until inspiration strikes­ is not true for me, and may be not true at all.


“Structure is very important for me in my artistic endeavors. I’m an early­-to-­bed, early­-to-riser, and have been for years. I have morning and evening rituals. I have a schedule and set timelines for myself and projects, whether personal or for hired work. I have learned so much about how to learn on my own the last several years, having not gone the way of schooling, that being self­directed is of great importance to me, and brings me joy and peace in my work.”


All work (C) 2015 Hallie Rose Taylor

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