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Callie and Lindsey in their element

Born on the driftwood beaches of San Juan Island, Grey Jays is a small jewelry and home-wares business based out of the Pacific Northwest. Their pieces are made primarily from found objects.

Also known as Camp Robbers, “the deceptively cute Grey Jay is one of the most intrepid birds in North America, living in northern forests year-round. Highly curious and always on the lookout…”

These two birds share that same spirit, always on the lookout for material that others toss or overlook, to craft into unique pieces. We’re drawn to the way their creations make us reconsider the former life of a copper sheet, or a rib bone, or a current-smoothed stone, and the way that helps us see the potential that lies in objects all around us.

Find out more, in Lindsey and Callie’s words:

Grey Jays was started as an outlet for two friends who shared a mutual love for nature, knickknacks, reuse, and jewelry. We have always been influenced by the beauty that surrounds us. Our craft came into being while working a seasonal job in Washington’s San Juan Islands. Our free time there was spent scouring the beaches for driftwood and sea glass and searching for inspiration by kayak on the Salish Sea.

After the island life, we eventually submitted to becoming city dwellers. From visiting local upholstery shops for leather scraps to scouring alleyways for small metal objects, we began repurposing what some may call junk.

We believe what sets grey jays apart is our creative process. However, we cannot take all of the credit – Mother Nature and often the hands of others contribute to our work. We hope to challenge people to look at these commonplace natural and man-made objects beyond their existing or former purpose, and ultimately find little ways to incorporate reuse into their own lives.

Photos courtesy of grey jays.

To see more of Lindsey and Callie’s work visit and their Shop
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Do you find beauty in the commonplace?

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