Giselle Noelle Morgan

Giselle Noelle Morgan


Giselle Noelle self portraitGiselle Noelle is a nineteen year old New Jersey transplant to California and Washington. A film photographer who chiefly shoots with a Pentax K1000 and Minolta X-370n, she also experiments with a Rolleiflex and Polaroid. Resourceful, she even recycles select reject photos into collages.

Giselle has a rare awareness of her age that is not shared with all her peers. Though the teenage life differs over the years based on context, she targets the beautiful/painful constants in her photography. We can all relate because we have felt the confident confusion of late adolescence.

In Giselle’s words:

“Since I am a teenage girl, that’s what I choose to photograph.¬†I attempt to show that everything that teenage girls don’t want to be visible is visible, whether it’s acne or menstrual blood, and the things that we’d prefer to be seen, like our daring dreams, beauty, or sexual organs remain hidden inside.

My photography is meant to demonstrate what it’s like in the mind of a nineteen year-old girl; the inner dialogue in the early morning, the heartbreak after a perfect drive ends, the deconstruction of childhood, and the constant change of personality, diet, and feelings. I aim to give a sense of nostalgia, longing for escape, and silence in a still image.”

All photographs (c) Giselle Noelle Morgan, 2014

Contemplate more of Giselle’s work:


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