Claire Rousseau

Claire Rousseau

Jewelry Maker

Wildkind Jewelry

Having just begun her journey in metalsmith work, Claire has been crafting beautiful pieces of silver with stones from her little Airstream studio in Northern California. It’s easy to imagine how she finds inspiration with the fresh air and sunshine of her workshop. Below she gives us a look into her creative process—


Photo (C) Chelsea Walsh

Photo (C) Chelsea Walsh

Photo (C) Chelsea Walsh

In Claire’s Own Words:

“Every piece of Wildkind Jewelry is handcrafted with love and care by my two beaten up hands. I work from a small bench in my 1956 airstream studio in the coastal, forested hills of Sonoma County.

My passion for metalsmithing began relatively recently after encouragement from my talented jeweler friend. I jumped in whole-heartedly. She helped me get set up and soon I’d eagerly spent every penny I had on tools—hammers, files, a torch. I was soon swept away by the craft, and have been teaching myself how to work with metal every possible chance since. I’ve always felt happiest while learning a new skill, especially when it results in something tangible and beautiful- a gift to give.

I strive to create one-of-a kind jewelry, with integrity and quality craftsmanship. All of my pieces are made with high-grade natural stones. Earth’s intricate variations of beauty provide endless inspiration. Stones are a long-lasting reminder of the exquisite planet we live on and I love that in wearing them, we also reflect our own unique beauty and self-expression. Earthy turquoise, watery Montana agates and luminous moonstones have been some of my favorites to work with. I also enjoy mixing metals, especially contrasting the warmth of gold with the coolness of silver.

One of the best parts of my new business is creating custom pieces. Custom orders feel like a throwback to a time when everything we needed and wanted was made especially for us. I love collaborating with customers to design a completely original and personal piece of jewelry.”

All work (C) 2015 Claire Rousseau

Claire Rousseau works from a small bench in her old airstream studio in the hills of Occidental, CA. She handcrafts all her jewelry using traditional silversmithing techniques and high-quality metals and stones.


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