Ashley Mersereau

Ashley Mersereau


Roots and Wings Jewelry

Ashley Mersereau is a multi-talented creative. Her work is colorful, whimsical, and relatable – evocative of her Oregon home. Her jewelry and illustrations are organic and warm. A little like a fresh take on deja vu.

Photo of Ashley Mersereau by Justin Bailie

Photo (C) 2014 Justin Bailie

In Ashley’s Words:

I think I have always been an artist in some form or another. As a kid my favorite part of the day was art time, and I’ve always seen the world in terms of color, lines, and beauty. I loved drawing, painting, writing little stories, and imagining a world of fairies and imaginary creatures in my backyard.  

Then I grew up, and like most people, bought into the lie that you have to do something “more practical” for a living. I went to college, and traveled, and worked a few interesting but unfulfilling jobs. Eventually I found my way back to my tiny hometown on the Oregon Coast, where life lined up to give me the time and space to start creating art again.

What began as a hobby (and a bit of a jewelry obsession) has turned into a full time job, something that still amazes me every day. I am a self-taught jeweler, and I create pieces that are organic looking, bright, usually dramatic, and fun to wear. I love working with metal and stones, and the idea that someone out there is wearing my art and feeling beautiful for it makes me endlessly happy.  

I’ve also gone back to my roots and begun to paint, draw, and take photos again. Each medium is a different lens (pardon the pun) through which I can share and translate how I see the world. I am inspired by the natural beauty and culture of my Northwest home, bright colors, travels, and all of the beauty that can be found in everday life.  

I have come to believe that doing something you love is the best way to contribute to the world. I hope the way I live my life and my art can inspire others to find something they love and pursue it with everything they’ve got.

Work and Photos below (C) 2014 Ashley Mersereau


Ashley Mersereau lives on the Northern Oregon coast. She creates full time, but on the weekends you may find her adventuring the Pacific Northwest in her Dodge Sprinter van. Want to see more of her work? See the links below.


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