Andrea Slusarski

Andrea Slusarski

Drawing From Nature

Andrea sketching in the wildLike all plein-air painters, Andrea Slusarski understands the power nature has for inspiring creative thought and immerses herself in that inspiration.

The feeling after you’ve found the rhythm of your breath, after your body adjusts to the pace of a mountain, when your mind finally quiets and the checklists fade away – that’s the edge where we find Andrea. We pause in this quiet space and take in our surroundings and let our mind run with whatever we find in the open.

We love the way Andrea maps a mountain in line work, giving new dimension to the contours we already know.

In Andrea’s words.

Ever since I can imagine, I’ve needed to be outside – adventuring, sketching, getting lost in my surroundings and my drawings. Creating is my way of fully submerging myself into the world. My art is inspired by the simple connection I hold with nature, and I try to preserve that feeling with every painting or drawing I make.

Andrea Slusarski watercolor mountains

I am a landscape artist – focusing on plain air (painting on location) and works created from my own imagination or from photographs of my adventures. I work primarily with watercolors, acrylics, and pen illustrations.

My day job is teaching drawing and painting to high schoolers in Aurora, Colorado, and I love being able to inspire my students to be a voice for creativity in their learning. My motivations as an artist stem from my love for the mountains and adventure! Switching between snowboarding season and backpacking, my Moleskine notebook is always on me.

This summer I’m planning a few landscape demos with my friend Heidi Annalise, and I’m really wanting to fuse both of my sides (the outdoor artist & teacher) to start influencing more people to create in the outdoors. To start off the summer, we’re planning on hosting two free workshops where people meet us at a local trailhead and we hike/create together. The teacher in me is super into the psychological benefits and powers nature can influence in creative thinking, and I’m excited to explore that in landscape demos.

RSVP for the first one, June 15 in Morrison, CO ->

Andrea Slusarski is a Colorado-based multi-disciplinary artist and educator. Her work aims to inspire adventure in others while learning about and enjoying the process of creating in the outdoors. Find more of her work on her portfolio site and Instagram.

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