Amanda Sandlin

Amanda Sandlin: At Wild Woman

Painter, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Amanda Sandlin is a self-trained artist with a spirit that is equal parts wanderer and homebody. She has a capricious nature which lends itself to risk taking in art and in life. While she hasn’t always identified as an artist, anyone who meets her knows that it has always been within her heart. We’ve excitedly followed her work over the years and are thrilled to see her latest evolution of the “At Wild Woman.”


At Wild Woman, In Amanda’s Words

I have created a small and growing collection of works I call At Wild Woman. These are female figures drawn in line work over an abstract background, which is often inspired by the wild places I love. I aim to capture the feeling of standing on the side of a mountain, by a moody sea, in the open desert, or in any other natural environment.

At Wild Woman portraits began as a illustration project where I digitally laid drawings over photographs. They’ve morphed into abstract works. I enjoy the freedom of expressing the feeling of landscapes, rather than a literal depiction. I am pulled to the female form because I like to think every woman I draw is in some way me, or a future me — strong, independent, resourceful, in-the-moment, brave — and hope other women viewing will see themselves in the works as well.


Amanda Sandlin is an artist and entrepreneur living in Colorado. She’s the creator and voice behind The Year of Making. Learn more about her at and on Instagram @amandsandlin.

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