Alyssa Larson

Alyssa Larson


Photo of Alyssa by Forest Woodward

Photo of Alyssa by Forest Woodward

Alyssa is a photographer who learns by doing.¬†She was born and raised in the mountains of Montana, where she spent her days skiing, camping, and rock climbing. She’s found a community in the mountains, and has a knack for capturing its essence with her camera. Scroll through her photos to find sideways details:¬†Alyssa pays attention and that comes through her seemingly nonchalant frames. Alyssa is a reminder that there is action in between.

Alyssa continues to travel extensively; She most recently spent 7 weeks sailing in the arctic, skiing volcanoes, and exploring over 4,000 km around Iceland.

According to Alyssa:

“My approach is to balance grace with endurance, and the mysterious with what works.”

See how in the photos below.








Photos (C) 2015 Alyssa Larson

To see more of Alyssa’s work, follow her on Instagram and visit her portfolio.


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