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Alyssa Black is a landscape designer and an illustrator. She uses watercolor to help her conceptualize and study a place. It aids in her work, but it’s also what makes her an artist.

We’re drawn to the detail of her watercolor diagrams. It’s so beautiful to see science and art overlap. Alyssa just launched a creative design brand called “Drawn to Ecology” and we’re excited to see where it takes her.

Find out more, in Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa in her element

Alyssa in her element

From Alyssa:

At first I started painting with my grandmother, Nana, who was an amazing oil painter. She would show me how she painted trees, reflections, and eventually I started to paint with her. I painted with her because it was time I got to spend with just her. Oil is a very difficult medium though, it isn’t as forgiving as watercolor. I struggled to enjoy my painting as much as I enjoyed watching her paint.

Later I began studying Landscape Architecture and we had to draw. I didn’t initially pick up ink drawings but inking turned into sketches with a dabble of watercolor. This became my design process.



I never thought to call myself an artist, but everyone is an artist, we all see the world through a different lens: from our past experiences to the emotion we are feeling. It changes the way we frame the photo or stroke our pen.

Everyone is an artist, we all see the world through a different lens: from our past experiences to the emotion we are feeling.

I am a landscape designer who designs with the inspiration of past adventures and exploration. Every time I go somewhere I frame it through a photo, sketch an aspect which inspires me, or paint to remember the colors. I am a visual and tactile learner. I draw because it is the easiest way for me to remember.




Photos courtesy of Alyssa Black

To see more of Alyssa’s work see her Portfolio. You can also find her on Instagram. Shop her artwork here.

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