Aleksandra Zee

Aleksandra Zee


downloadAleksandra is not what comes to mind when you think “woodworker.” She is not building furniture or custom kitchens, but transforming three-dimensional wood into (practically) two-dimensional art. Her work is about patterns, color and texture – the friction the eye feels when two corners meet. It creates a rhythm all its own.

Aleksandra is from Southern California and moved to the Bay area after college to work as a store display artist at Anthropologie. She learned woodworking by building fixtures and displays. The diverse nature of the work taught her how to learn many art forms on the spot. From there, she started creating her own custom, original artwork.

Aleksandra, on her work:

“I’m 28 and I am a one woman show. I make custom woodwork ranging from small wall hangings to entire wall coverings or table sized work. I love what I do. I work with my hands and get to be inspired every single day. Meditation is the most important part to me of being an artist. It’s about being present. When you’re present and creating, you create the best of who you are. The best art you can make is when you’re completely present with your material… I feel in love with working with wood.”

Photos by Chris Gamely and Trinette Reed

More of Aleksandra’s work can be found on her website and instagram.  She is based out of San Francisco, CA.


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