Abigail Gibson

Abigail Gibson


Abigail’s work speaks for itself. She is an incredibly detailed draughts(wo)man with a love of nature and how we interact with it and within it. Whether her interpretation is a literal study or a feeling, it inspires us to look more closely – both at her work and at our natural world.

Some of Abigail’s pieces are a nod to vintage scientific illustrations, some leave us suspended in water. All contain the clarity of real life.

In Abigail’s Words:

“My art constantly changes with where I am in my life. As I have gone through school and changed what I ‘want to be when I grow up’, the inspiration for my pieces has followed suit. The progression of my work has widened the variety of mediums I use from my original favorite,¬†graphite, to paints, pens and markers.”




“When I am not creating art, I am usually in the Smoky Mountains where waves of inspiration wash over me from the scenery. Fly fishing has become an important part of my art because my boyfriend and I are frequently enveloped in it. The graceful nature of the sport and connection between the fisherman and what he/she pursues is something I enjoy interpreting into a visual art.”


“When my compositions began mostly consisting of nature and animals, I started using it as a theme with many different mediums. I believe the best way to find inspiration and gain knowledge is to look at what’s around you. As I continue my education with a biology major, the inspiration will only become greater.”



All work (C) 2015 Abigail Gibson

To see more of Abigail’s work, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

What animals would you like to see on paper?

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