Episode 14: The Women of Wylder

Episode 14: The Women Of Wylder

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Lindsey, Gina and Jainee - by Josh Vertucci

Lindsey, Gina and Jainee – by Josh Vertucci

Meet the entrepreneurial women behind Wylder Goods, a brand-new marketplace for the modern outdoorswoman. We talk with co-founders Jainee Dial and Lindsey Elliott, as well as their first employee and Brand Partnership Director, Gina Peters.

We’ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. To massively oversimplify, it’s about having an idea and seeing it through. But more than that, entrepreneurship is a vision and a drive so strong that it can’t be silenced.

Jainee and Lindsey are rethinking online outdoor retail. The three women have curated a shop with sustainable, long-lasting outdoor gear, and it’s just for women. They decided to make Wylder Goods a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) because they know that a corporation holds power and that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. When you make a purchase at Wylder, you get to choose what non-profit that purchase will benefit.

Get to know Jainee, Lindsey, and Gina in the interview below. Learn about their origin story, the love that springs out of grief, the power of choice, and the super-practical ways you can take care of yourself when you’re working hard.

Learn more and shop Wylder Goods. Follow along on their growth via Instagram.


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The Women of Wylder in Action

Lindsey & Jainee, Photo by Tory Treseder

Lindsey & Jainee, Photo by Tory Treseder

Gina, Photo by Mike Tavares

Gina, Photo by Mike Tavares

Jainee & Lindsey, Photo by Sarah Sturm

Jainee & Lindsey, Photo by Sarah Sturm

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