Where We Walk EP 5: Meeting Wildlife on the A.T.

Where We Walk: Episode 5 

Meeting Wildlife on the A.T.

In the fifth episode of Where We Walk, we hear from two incredible human voices, conservationist Sally Naser and bird researcher Amber Wendler, who are dedicated to better understanding and appreciating the wildlife on the Appalachian Trail. But unlike other episodes in this series, we’re also going to hear from many wildlife voices you might not stop to hear often– so that next time you’re outdoors, you might be encouraged to move a little slower and observe the world around you. 

With thousands of species of animals to encounter, it’s clear that wildlife on the Appalachian Trail is plentiful. But here’s a question: how much do you see and experience when you’re outdoors, especially when you’re hiking? Do you take some time to observe? Do you practice patience to discover what’s around you? Or do you focus on moving from Point A to Point B? Of reaching the summit? Of covering the miles you planned for the day?

This episode is immersive and will take you on a journey walking on the Trail for a day through listening to the world of wildlife you can discover when you’re in the outdoors.

About the series: This story-forward six-part series, in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and made possible with support from REI, highlights the Appalachian Trail through both the women who helped to build it as well as those who continue to make it what it is today. Our goal is to tell a multi-dimensional story of the Trail through a range of voices from diverse backgrounds. Each episode will have a unique theme that helps tell the story of the way we shape the Trail, but more importantly — how the Trail shapes us.

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Featured in this episode: Sally Naser & Amber Wendler

Hosted by Laura Borichevsky, with Gale Straub

Music is by Josh Woodward & Monplaisir using a C.C. by A license.
Additional sound is by various recorders using a Public Domain License.


Featured in this episode:

Sally Naser
(who provided footage of wildlife courtesy of her noninvasive wildlife photography business, CR Wildlife)


Amber Wendler

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