Where We Walk EP 1: Memories from the Appalachian Trail

Where We Walk: Episode 1 

Memories from the Appalachian Trail

On the very first episode of “Where We Walk: Stories from the Appalachian Trail,” we’re looking back – but as you’ll hear, the memories we make on the Appalachian Trail, or A.T., extend beyond the real-time steps we take. We share submissions from women whose lives have been shaped by the A.T., whether on a thru, section, or day hike.

Trails help us access landscapes both familiar and new, as well as give us the grace and space to explore our interior lives. We hope that in listening, you’ll reflect on how long trail experiences filter into your daily lives. In the first of a 6-part series in collaboration with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, we explore your memories of the A.T. and the ripple effect of those experiences.

About the series: This story-forward six-part series, in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and made possible with support from REI, highlights the Appalachian Trail through both the women who helped to build it as well as those who continue to make it what it is today. Our goal is to tell a multi-dimensional story of the Trail through a range of voices from diverse backgrounds. Each episode will have a unique theme that helps tell the story of the way we shape the Trail, but more importantly — how the Trail shapes us.

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Featured in this episode: Kaitlan Stephens, Mary Holmes, Kathryn, Carmen, Alina Drufkova, Carrington Kernodle, Tara Prescott-Johnson, Sabine Pelton, Somer Pickel, Grizel, Alexandra Garcia, Xiaoling Keller, Melissa Goodwin, Charissa Hipp, Ariana, and Gina Knox.

Hosted by Gale Straub & Laura Borichevsky

Music is by Josh Woodward & Monplaisir using a C.C. by A license


Some of the Women Featured

Alina Drufovka on top of Mount Katahdin at the Northern Terminus of the A.T.

Gina Knox, who hopes to thru-hike the A.T. next year.

Ariana and her mom and husband after shaving their heads to hike the A.T.

Sabine Pelton doing Trail work.

Somer and her second daughter.

Melissa Goodwin on the summit of Katahdin.

Carrington Kernodle, doing yoga on a mountaintop at sunrise

Grizel, whose Trail experiences were beneficial to her mental health.

Charissa Hipp and her daughter Julia.

Alexandra Garcia on her home away from home in Puerto Rico.

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