Episode 31 – To Dad, From Daughter

Episode 31: To Dad, From Daughter

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Photo in banner image courtesy of Lee Ahlskog

How has your dad shaped your experiences in the outdoors? Prompted by a message from new father, Peter Amend, we asked you to share your stories and received a breadth of responses. We found that our dads have had a profound impact on our relationship with the natural world, even in his absence. Included in this episode are 21 voice memos from women of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a big Venn Diagram – some of your stories overlap, but each is uniquely her own.

Women Featured in this Episode

Lee Ahskog: 2:09 | Fishing with Dad

Molly Bauman: 4:00 | Learning From Dad’s Way of Life

Emily O Connor: 5:55 | Discovering the World Underwater

Emily Carino: 8:00 | Making the Most of Your Time

Cara: 9:21 | Dad Wasn’t Around

Jessie: 11:05 | No Relationship, by Choice

Cordova Pleasants: 13:14 | Flying a Floatplane in Alaska, Coming Full Circle (Check out her Alaskan boutique!)

Madeline Newel: 16:01 | Backpacking the Lost Coast, Seeing the Bright Side

Alison Heebsh: 17:30 | Son to Daughter, Dad to Two Daughters

Ruthie Cathers: 22:22 | Finding Her Way Back After Adolescence

Sirena Dufault: 25:13 | Dad as Her Support Crew | (Follow along on her hikes via Sirena’s Blog!)

Bridgette Windell: 27:13 | Hiking Through Anxiety

Molly McCarty: 29:00 | When Dad Pushes You Too Hard (Read Molly’s writing, here!)

Madeline Boga: 31:13 | Dad, Planting Seeds

Adela Rivera: 32:20 | Going to the Mountains

M.C. Robertson: 35:57 | “The Phone Call No One Ever Expects” (M.C. writes a blog here, including a tribute to her Dad.)

Sarah Brandt: 39:05 | “Like Father, Like Daughter, I Suppose”

Katie Gillespie: 41:35 | Feeling Dad’s Presence in the Outdoors

Tiffani Morrison: 43:04 | Dad Built Trails

Serena Beam: 44:44 | A Moment That Lasts Forever

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Music is by Lee Rosevere via freemusicarchive.org

CC by A

Sirena & Her Dad Budh Rahna in Arizona – Photo by Levi Davis

Adela and her Dad

Alison Heebsh on Superior Hiking Trail

Tiffani Morrison’s Trail Building Dad, Jerry

Madeleine Boga and her Dad

Serena Beam, her brother, and father.

Molly Bauman and her Dad

Lee Ahlskog and her Dad, just fishin’

Emily O Connor, her sister, and her Dad.

M.C. Robertson and family.

Bridgette Windell and Dad.

The podcast we mentioned at the beginning of the episode is “Out There,” hosted by Willow Belden.

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Has your dad had an impact on your relationship with the outdoors?

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