Episode 59: The Girls Behind ‘Granite Gals’

Episode 59: The Girls Behind ‘Granite Gals’

Featuring sisters Alex and Sage Herr

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Sisters Alex and Sage Herr (and hosts of their podcast, Granite Gals) have been summiting peaks in the White Mountains since they were 5 years old. Now 15 and almost 13, respectively, their enthusiasm for hiking has remained the same as ever. Proof that for all the activities we grow out of in life, there’s no saying you have to grow out of hiking.

Gale met up with the girls and their mom, Trish, for a winter hike of Wildcat Ridge. After hearing about their podcast, Granite Gals, we wanted to learn more. We talk about why they started hiking at such a young age, what makes them want to take on big challenges, hiking solo, what excites them about podcasting, and the benefits of hiking with your kids.

Learn more about Alex and Sage via their podcast, Granite Gals, and Alex’s hiking blog. The girls also interviewed Gale on Granite Gals. Find the episode here.

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Alex Herr, Sage Herr, and Patricia (Trish) Herr. Also: Cartoonist Connie Sun.

In this episode you’ll hear:

– How the girls started hiking 4,000 footers in New Hampshire at age 5
– Some NH hiking vernacular
– Why Alex enjoys hiking solo
– The origins of the “Terrifying 25” hikes in NH
– Why the girls like a hiking challenge
– What “gridding” is in the White Mountains
– How Granite Gals podcast got started
– Why the girls talk about sexism on their show
– The benefits of incorporating hiking into their lives
– Midroll: Cartoonist Connie Sun shares what she loves about cartooning her innermost thoughts and outdoor experiences

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Music is by Lee Rosevere, Josh Woodward, and  Kai Engel via freemusicarchive.org.

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Music also “Teeth for Gold” by Siren and the Sea

Hiking Wildcat Ridge in the White Mountains

Alex, Sage, and Trish


Cartoon Connie

@cartoonconnie on Instagram

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Alex’s Hiking Blog
Granite Gals Podcast (and Gale’s interview!)
The Terrifying 25
4,000 Footers
Cartoon Connie
Connie Wonnie

  1. Gail Storey says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and the perspectives of Alex and Sage as well as Trish. It’s also fascinating how they utilize lists to follow successive challenges. And they offered good advice about gear, too, e.g. in regard to Mount Washington in NH, which can be so cold and windy even in the summer. My teenage self was very different from Alex and Sage, I was so non-athletic, although I’m very athletic now. Wonderful that they got a great start hiking at such a relatively early age!

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