Episode 75: The Story of an Adventure Friendship

Episode 75: The Story of an Adventure Friendship

Gretchen Powers & Alexandra Roberts

Banner image by Gretchen Powers

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This is the story of how Gretchen Powers and Alexandra Roberts became adventure partners. It’s also about what it means to be an adventure friend, and how you might find one, too.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Gretchen and Alex met and why they weren’t fast friends
– Why going through hard things together (emotionally and in the outdoors) can strengthen bonds
– The value of “just trying” in the outdoors
– How Gretchen and Alex went from meeting in Maine to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for their friendaversary
– The importance of knowing your friend’s weaknesses in the outdoors
– Advice for making new friends and adventure partners
– How to hold onto friends once you make them

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Featuring: Gretchen Powers and Alexandra Roberts.

Featured in the midroll: Jasmine Burgan

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Gretchen & Alex

With captions by Gretchen!

“Our first photo together!” On the hut-to-hut ski trip early 2017. Photo by Gretchen Powers.

“I completely panicked on day three of our trek up Kilimanjaro. We could see the mountain for the first time and it still seemed so far away.  This was my first time visiting a third world country since my gastroenteroligist told me it was a bad idea a few years earlier and for the first time since landing in Tanzania I was terrified. Alex is amazing at sitting with me when my mind is in complete chaos and simply saying, “we’ve got this Gretch”. Patient yet firm, compassionate yet a kick in the pants when I need it most.” Photo & words by Gretchen Powers

“Day 4 and 5 on the mountain (Kilimanjaro) I felt like I had the flu and Alex was crushing this whole living at altitude thing like a boss. But man, regardless of how I feel, I love taking long exposure pictures at night when I step out for a pee.” Photo & words by Gretchen Powers

By Gretchen Powers

“Alex deemed this section of trail Rivendell and I was just so stoked to be in a landscape so foreign to any I had really seen that I think Alex has a dozen photos of me in this pose.”  By Alexandra Roberts

“Our second hut trip a month after Kili we skied into Maine Huts and Trails Flagstaff Lake Hut and told the story of food at the Maine Huts.” Gretchen (L), Alex (R); Photo by Gretchen Powers

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Gretchen Powers: Portfolio & Instagram

Alexandra Roberts: Portfolio & Instagram

Original Hut-to-Hut Trip

Organizations to Meet Women in the Outdoors: Women Who Hike, And She’s Dope Too, Wylder Goods, Outdoor Women’s Alliance, Bold Betties, Hike it Baby, Hiking My Way, She Jumps, Women Who Explore

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