Episode 76: Something New

Episode 76: Something New

Locke Hughes & Laura Hughes

Banner image by Locke Hughes

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What’s up with the over-the-top uncertainty we sometimes feel when we try something new? We share two women’s stories of trying new things in the outdoors in spite of self-doubt or feeling like they won’t measure up.

In this episode, Gale contemplates the hesitation we feel in going for a novel experience. She travels to Winter Park Resort in Colorado and meets Locke Hughes. Locke is a health and fitness writer originally raised in Florida, and a recent transplant to Park City, Utah by way of Atlanta and New York. It was trying mountain biking for the first time that prompted her move. Locke shares how she pushes through uncertainty to embrace new activities in the outdoors.

We also meet up with Laura Hughes (no relation to Locke) in Denver and hear about her recent rafting and hiking trip in the Alaskan Yukon with MT Sobek. She talks about some of her fears to saying “yes” to photograph the trip for The Outbound, but why she’s glad she did.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Gale sometimes struggles with not feeling “outdoorsy” enough
– Why Gale felt a bit apprehensive about some new high-altitude activities in Winter Park, Colorado
– What being outdoorsy in Florida meant to Locke growing up vs. what it means today
– Why Locke loved mountain biking so much her first time that she decided to move to Utah
– The benefit of trusting your mountain bike and other lessons that translate to everyday life
– Why trying new things is rarely as scary as it sounds in your head
– Why Laura Hughes took the opportunity to take a two week trip rafting and hiking the Alsek River in Alaska
– How Laura felt before she left
– Why comparing herself with others makes Laura doubt her abilities in the outdoors
– What Alaska taught Laura about herself
– The camera gear Laura brought with her to Alaska
– The bright spots of challenging weather on a long trip
– Why Laura thinks we create mental blocks to trying new things at the outdoors at time

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Featuring: Locke Hughes and Laura Hughes

Featured in the midroll: Brittany Freeman

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Locke & Laura

Locke Hughes on her first mountain biking outing.

Laura Hughes, photo by Pauly Borichevsky

Rafting in Alaska; Photo by Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes; photo by Josie Speed

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