Episode 32: Sisters in Persistence

Episode 32: Sisters in Persistence

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Photo in banner image courtesy of Julie Hotz 

Sisters Julie Hotz and Shelly Blacketer grew up together in Texas but took very separate paths. Living 1,500 miles away, they decided to train for their first race together: a half-ironman. This episode is kind of about that race, but it’s more about two sisters coming together in a novel way.

You might remember thru hiker and filmmaker Julie Hotz from our second podcast episode, “On Fear: Human Powered Travel.” We talked with Julie about hiking the PNT, PCT, and bike packing from LA to Glacier. She was on the precipice of big life changes: going completely freelance and deciding to call LA home. In some ways, this episode picks up where we left off.

Learn about how pain can be integral to growth, the subtle bonds that tie family together, and why it’s important to do hard things.

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Julie After 70.3 Miles 🙂

 Julie & Shelly – Before, During, & After

  1. Lisa Kowieski says:

    Great episode! I’m a runner and have actually gotten my sister into running pretty recently. There’s definitely a special bond that’s made when sister’s run together :). Also, that video of Julie finishing was hilarious haha definitely had to replay it lol.

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